Yoga For 8-12 Year Olds – The Pineal Gland And Its Importance


What Is The Age Limit To Start Yoga

Yoga for Children should start at the age of seven or eight. Children should start practicing Yoga at the age of seven when the role of endocrine glands system comes into effect and there are chances of a kind of imbalance between certain tendencies in children from that age to the age of twelve. One should know that the physical growth and psychological growth do not mature together. ‘Physical growth’ here refers to brain, nervous system and endocrine system. Sometimes the physical growth is much ahead of the mental growth and many times the mental growth is much ahead of the physical growth, which is the primary basis for problems in children. One of the endocrine system glands, the Pineal gland do have a pivotal role in determining the growth of a child, and here are some facts about it –

The Role & Location Of Pineal Gland

Location Of Pineal Gland 

The pineal gland is situated in the brain at the top of the medulla oblongata. It is a very small gland and it acts like a lock.

The Role & Function Of Pineal gland 

Until the age of seven or eight –

  1. the pineal gland arrest the sexual consciousness of the child and
  2. It controls the associated rapid growth of mental and emotional character.

After that age, when the pineal gland starts regressing –

  1. The sex hormones start functioning in the body.
  2. The emotional growth gets rapid and a child may find it difficult to adjust himself if the regression is rapid.

The important points to note 

  1. Sex consciousness should develop when the child is able to balance its reaction in his mind.
  2. The early maturity of sexual awareness can make a child becoming restless as he or she is not physically ready to express this new development.
  3. If the emotional growth can be delayed in relation to physical growth, the child’s stability is enhanced greatly.

To maintain the balance between physical and emotional growth, it is important to maintain the health of the pineal gland.

Pineal Gland Health

How Visualization Works

  • To maintain the health of the pineal gland, the psycho-emotional balance and enhance his ability to visualize, children should practice visualization.
  • Child is asked to visualize some items while moving his awareness, saying to himself and seeing the items such as –a vast ocean, a pink rose, a flowing river, an infinite blue sky, a snow-capped mountain, a moving car, an airplane in flight, a guava fruit, a church and so on.

Children are the future of a Nation. Yoga is the best way to help them grow in a way they should. And this balanced growth can ensure a bright future for the Nation.

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