Aarti -Chalisa

 श्री गंगा आरती – Shri Ganga ji Aarti

 श्री गंगा आरती हरिद्वार – Ganga Aarti in hindi Mp3

ॐ जय गंगे माता, श्री जय गंगे माता

जो नर तुमको ध्याता, मनवांछित फ़ल पाता. ॐ जय …


चन्द्र-सी ज्योति तुम्हारी, जल निर्मल आता

शरण पड़े जो तेरी, सो नर तर जाता. ॐ जय …


पुत्र सगर के तारे, सब जग को ज्ञाता

कृपा दृष्टि तुम्हारी, त्रिभुवन सुखदाता. ॐ जय…

एक ही बार जो तेरी, शरणागति आता

यम की त्रास मिटाकर, परमगति पाता. ॐ जय…


आरती मात तुम्हारी, जो जन नित्त गाता

दास वही सहज में, मुक्ति को पाता. ॐ जय..

About the author

Mahendra Kumar Vyas

Mahendra Vyas, with parental home at Jodhpur and born to Late Shri Goverdhan Lal Vyas and Shrimati Sharda Vyas, did Civil Engineering from M.B.M.Engineering College, Jodhpur. Shifted to Mumbai after completing engineering and worked with Sanjay Narang's Mars Group and Aditya Birla Group. With an inclination to spirituality and service, joined the Yoga stream and became a part of Yoga Niketan, Goregaon (west) in 2002 and since then practicing and imparting Yoga knowledge at Yoga Niketan and different corporates.

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