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Extended Triangle Pose – Utthita Trikonasana – उत्थित त्रिकोणासन


Utthita Trikonasana – Steps, Benefits & Contraindications

Trikonasana or Utthita Trikonasana (उत्थित त्रिकोणासन – Utthita Trikonasana In Hindi) is also called the Extended Triangle Pose in Yoga. A classic standing posture in yoga, The Extended Triangle Pose, or Utthita Trikonasana (oo-TEE-tah trik-cone-AHS-uh-nah), strengthens and stretches the entire body. When you look at the shape of the posture, you see the triangle is formed. A little closer look will allow you to witness more triangles hidden in the shape of the body – like between the two legs and the floor, between the front foot and the front hand, etc.

Different schools of yoga have different views on Trikonasana, its variants and how it can be performed and what the final pose should be. The common thing among all variants of Trikonasana is that all of them stretch and strengthen the muscles of back, thighs, back of the legs and waist. All variants of Trikonasana brings stability, strength, and stamina in one’s life.

Utthita Trikonasana Steps

  • Stand erect on a yoga mat with the feet more than shoulder width apart and raise the arms sideways to the shoulder level.
  • This is the starting position.

  • Move the right foot to the outside direction i.e. turn the foot such that the toes point towards the right side.
  • Turn the left foot slightly to the inward direction, such that the axis of both the feet makes an angle of 70 to 85 degrees with each other.
  • The knees must remain straight throughout the practice.
  • Slowly start bending the trunk towards the right side.
  • Once the trunk is completely bent, bring the right hand close to the right ankle with the fingers slightly touching the floor.
  • Practitioners, who have a flexible body, should rest the right palm on the floor in the final position.
  • Avoid forcing the body to achieve this position.
  • Stretch the left arm vertically.
  • Move the head in the upward direction and look straight. You can fix the gaze at the middle finger of the left hand.
  • In the final pose, both the hands should be in a straight line.


  • Hold the position for 10 to 20 seconds in the beginning.
  • Gradually increase the time as you begin to feel more comfortable in the final pose.
  • To return to the starting position, lift the arms first and then slowly move the trunk back in the upright position.
  • Relax the body.
  • Repeat the same steps on the left side also.


  • Practice this asana 1-3 times on both sides.

Utthita Trikonasana Contraindications & Precautions

  • Don’t overstretch the body to achieve the final position in this asana.
  • Those suffering from slipped disc should not practice this asana at all.
  • Trikonasana should be avoided if the practitioner is suffering from high blood pressure, migraine or neck injuries.
  • A good warm-up exercise is necessary before practicing Trikonasana.

Utthita Trikonasana Benefits

  • This asana stretches the muscles on the sides of the trunk, the waist and the back of the legs.
  • It gives an intense stretch to the spine.
  • It stimulates the nervous system and alleviates nervous depression.
  • It improves digestion.
  • Trikonasana, the triangle pose, strengthens the pelvic area and tones the reproductive organs.
  • Regular practice of trikonasana will help reduce the waistline.
  • Trikonasana improve regular bodily functions.
  • This asana increases both physical and mental stability.
  • Trikonasana, as a Yoga work out, is very good for weight loss.
  • Trikonasana strengthens knees, ankles, legs, chest and the arms.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety.

Utthita Trikonasana instills strength and stability in the legs and the feet and expands the torso. When the arms and legs are stretched out, it creates evenness and feeling of balance in the body. As balance develops between legs, arms, and torso, the mind too becomes even and steady and stress levels get reduced. With the reduced stress, even and steady mind, and the awareness inward, the true experience of yoga, or union, begins.

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