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Chakrasana (Wheel Pose Yoga) Benefits – Strengthens Arms, Shoulders, And Legs


Chakrasana (Wheel Pose) Steps & Benefits 

Chakrasana benefits include an improvement in the digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system, glandular system or one can say all the major systems of the body. Chakrasana (चक्रासन – Chakrasana in Hindi) or Wheel pose or Urdva Dhanurasana works on mind, body, and emotions. The name ‘Chakrasana’ comes from the Sanskrit words “Chakra”, which means wheel, and the word “asana” which means posture. The final position of the asana resembles a wheel, and hence the name “wheel pose”. Chakrasana

Chakrasana Steps

  • Spread a Yoga mat and lie on it in Savasana and relax the body.
  • Bend the knees in such a manner that the heels either touches the buttocks or are very close to them.
  • Keep the feet and the knees minimum 12 inches apart.
  • Place the palms below the shoulders such that the fingers point towards the shoulders.
  • This is the starting position.


  • Inhale and lift the shoulders and elbows with palms gripped firmly on the ground.
  • Crown of the head will be on the ground supporting the upper part of the body.
  • While retaining the breath inside, straighten the arms and legs so that the head and the trunk are raised and pushed up from the floor.
  • Arch the back as much as possible and keep on straightening the knees.
  • The head will hand between the arms.
  • Remain in this final position for as long as is comfortable.


  • Retain the breath inside or breathe normally if the final position is held for a longer period.
  • To go back to the starting position, first bend the elbows so that the head touches the ground first and then lower rest of the body.

Chakrasana Precautions

  • People suffering from any illness, vertigo, high blood pressure or heart problems should avoid practicing this asana.
  • People with weak wrists and weak back also should not practice Chakrasana.
  • Pregnant women should not try this asana.

Chakrasana Benefits

  • Chakrasana strengthens the arms, shoulders, and legs.
  • This yoga asana is beneficial for the nervous system, respiratory system, and the glandular system.
  • It is very good for the health of the heart.
  • Chakrasana removes various gynaecological disorders.
  • It stimulates and influences all the hormonal secretions.
  • It helps improve digestion.
  • The spine becomes strong, healthy and supple by Chakrasana.
  • Chakrasana is also good for all the sensory organs.

Chakrasana For Beginners

The beginners should ensure that they have first mastered the preliminary and basic backward bending asanas before they try Chakrasana. Next, it should be practiced on a soft carpet to protect the head, in case one falls down. It should not be practiced on a surface or blanket wherein one may slip.

Wheel Pose Yoga Sequence

Follow this asana by a forward bending asana like Halasana, Pawanmuktasana or Paschimottanasana.

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Mahendra Vyas, with parental home at Jodhpur and born to Late Shri Goverdhan Lal Vyas and Shrimati Sharda Vyas, did Civil Engineering from M.B.M.Engineering College, Jodhpur. Shifted to Mumbai after completing engineering and worked with Sanjay Narang's Mars Group and Aditya Birla Group. With an inclination to spirituality and service, joined the Yoga stream and became a part of Yoga Niketan, Goregaon (west) in 2002 and since then practicing and imparting Yoga knowledge at Yoga Niketan and different corporates.


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