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Tadasana Yoga Steps & Benefits – Mountain Pose Yoga | ताड़ासन


Tadasana Yoga Steps Benefits – Mountain Pose Yoga – ताड़ासन

Tadasana (ताड़ासन – Tadasana In Hindi) also called Mountain Pose or the palm tree pose is one of the best standing yoga poses for beginners. This asana stretches and expands the whole body. Tadasana has a stretching and strengthening effect on back, shoulders and leg muscles. This asana is very good for those who have to sit for long hours on a chair and also for those who have stiffness or back pain. The term Tadasana is a combination of the words ‘tada‘ (the Sanskrit word for mountain) and ‘asana’ (meaning posture). Tadasana is very easy to perform and it forms the basis for a lot of other standing asanas.

Tadasana improves posture and develops physical and mental balance. Basic yoga poses such as Tadasana are always recommendable yoga for beginners for their usefulness in preparing the practitioner for further yoga asanas.

Tadasana Steps

  •  Stand erect on a Yoga Mat with a gap of nearly 3-4 inches between the legs, and the arms by the side.
  •  The weight of the body should be distributed equally on both feet.

  •  Steady the body and prepare mentally for Tadasana.
  • Raise the arms, interlock the fingers, turn the palms upward and put them on the head.
  • Fix the gaze at a point just above the line of sight and concentrate on it.
  • Maintain the concentration at the point throughout the practice.
  • Start breathing in and stretch the arms, shoulders, and chest upward.
  • Raise the heels and come on the toes maintaining the balance on them.
  • Holding the breath, stretch the whole body from top to the bottom, without losing the balance.
  • Become aware of the stretch of each and every part of the body.
  • The breath should be held if the final posture is maintained only for a few seconds, but if the final position can be held with comfort for a longer period, then breathe normally.


  • While breathing out start releasing each part of the body, lower the heels, and bringing down the hands on top of the head.
  • Relax again with the weight of the body equally distributed on both the legs.
  • This is one round. Practice 3-5 rounds.

Tadasana Benefits 

  • The entire body is stretched facilitating the free flow of pranas throughout the body.
  • Congestion of the spinal nerves is relieved as the entire spine and all its joints are stretched and loosened.
  • Tadasana is a balancing asana and helps develop physical and mental balance.
  • It is good for children and it develops concentration and further help them by increasing the height by stretching the muscles and ligaments, enabling growing bones to grow longer.
  • The asana good yoga for pregnant women during the first six of pregnancy as it tones abdominal muscles and nerves.

Mountain Pose Sequence

This is one of the asanas for Shankhpakshalana. It is generally followed by Tiryak Tadasana and Kati Chakrasana, but can also be followed by any of the inversions.

For inversions, please visit


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