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Ustrasana (Camel Pose) – Best Asana For Memory Power


Ustrasana – Camel Pose In Yoga

One of the top backward bending Yoga Poses, Ustrasana derives its name from the word ‘Ustra’ which means Camel and ‘asana’ which means posture.  The final pose of this Yoga asana resembles a camel. And so is the name Ustrasana. To keep the mind sharp, to sharpen and enhance the memory power, this Yoga asana is most recommended. The practice of Ustrasana strengthens the nervous system, improves the digestion, makes the lungs healthier and boost the self-confidence. It also adds flexibility and strength to the body. The asana can be recommended as Yoga for children and yoga for back pain.

 Ustrasana Steps 

  • Spread a Yoga Mat and sit in Vajrasana on it.
  • Stand on the knees with the arms by the side.
  • Let there be some comfortable gap between the knees and feet.
  • Soles of both the feet should face the ceiling.
  • Raise both the arms, keeping them parallel to each other and also keeping them parallel to the floor.

step 1

  • This is the starting position.
  • Raise the right arm taking it over the head.
  • Lean backward and take the arm backward, slowly reaching for the right heel with the right hand.
  • Raise the left arm also first over the head and then backward, as done with the right hand, reaching for the left heel with the left hand.
  • Do not strain.
  • Push the hips forward, till the thighs make a right angle with the floor.
  • Bend the spine and head backward as far as is comfortable.
  • Let the head hang freely, loosening the neck muscles.
  • Become aware of the whole body and relax it, particularly the back muscles.
  • Body is supported equally by arms and the legs.
  • This is the final position.


  • Remain in the final position for some 30 seconds.
  • Breathing should be normal.
  • Return to the starting position with the arms again coming in front one by one.
  • Sit in Vajrasana, close the eyes and relax.

Camel Pose for Beginners

  • Beginners may place a cushion below the knees to make the pose easier to perform initially.
  • If difficult to reach to heels, they can start by putting both the hand on the waist and bend backward.

Ustrasana Precautions

People with High Blood Pressure, Vertigo and severe back ailment such as Lumbago should either avoid this asana or do it under the guidance of a competent Yoga Teacher.

Ustrasana Benefits

  • This asana is very good for the mind and memory power.
  • Ustrasana, the Camel Posture stretches the stomach and intestine, and hence alleviates Constipation.
  • It is one of the back stretches, which loosens the vertebrae, stimulating the spinal nerves.
  • Ustrasana is very good for back pain and rounded shoulders.
  • It stretches the lungs and is a very good yoga pose for Asthma.
  • The stretch so provided to the neck is good for all the organs of the throat region including the thyroid gland.

Backward bending asanas stimulate and rejuvenate nervous system. When practiced slowly and with a rhythm, backward bend Yoga Poses like Ustrasana develops the strength to deal with the stress. This asana trains the mind to remain neutral and balanced under adverse and tough conditions.

Ustrasana is a backward bending pose and it is important to follow this pose by forward bending pose like Shashankasana, Paschimottanasana or even Naman Pranamasana.

Ustrasana is also best recommended for the children when they enter the teenage as it is very good for their mind, memory power, and posture improvement, boosting their self-confidence.

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Mahendra Kumar Vyas

Mahendra Vyas, with parental home at Jodhpur and born to Late Shri Goverdhan Lal Vyas and Shrimati Sharda Vyas, did Civil Engineering from M.B.M.Engineering College, Jodhpur. Shifted to Mumbai after completing engineering and worked with Sanjay Narang's Mars Group and Aditya Birla Group. With an inclination to spirituality and service, joined the Yoga stream and became a part of Yoga Niketan, Goregaon (west) in 2002 and since then practicing and imparting Yoga knowledge at Yoga Niketan and different corporates.

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