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Supta Vajrasana (Reclined Thunderbolt Pose) – Steps & Benefits


Supta Vajrasana Steps & Benefits – सुप्त वज्रासन

Supta Vajrasana (सुप्त वज्रासन – Supt Vajrasana in Hindi) is one of the backward bending Yoga Poses and is also called Sleeping Thunderbolt Pose or Reclined Thunderbolt Pose. Supta Vajrasana is very useful Yoga Asana for improving the digestive system and alleviating constipation. It is one of the best Yoga Asanas for those suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis and other Lungs Ailments.

Supta Vajrasana Meaning

The meaning of ‘Supta’ in Sanskrit is ‘sleeping’ and ‘Vajra’ means ‘thunderbolt’ and ‘Asana, means ‘Pose‘. Therefore this asana is called sleeping thunderbolt pose. The word ‘vajra’ also refers to a nerve or the energy pathway which connects the sexual organs to the brain. This asana redirects sexual energy to the brain for the spiritual purpose.

Supta Vajrasana Steps

  • Spread a Yoga Mat and sit in Vajrasana (the thunderbolt pose) on it.
  • Slowly bend backward.
  • Take the support of elbows while bending, one by one.
  • Slide the elbows towards the buttocks and arch the back.
  • Bring the top of the head on the floor.
  • Remove the support of elbows and place the hands on the thighs.
  • Knees should be kept in contact with the floor throughout the practice.
  • If it is difficult to keep the knees on the floor, they can be separated for the purpose.
  • This is the final position.
  • Keep the body relaxed and continue breathing deeply and slowly in the position.
  • The position can be held from a few seconds for the beginners to as long as is comfortable for a regular practitioner.
  • For returning to the final position, inhale and take the support of elbows to get up and return to Vajrasana.

Supta Vajrasana Benefits 

  • This is a backward bend asana and very good for the spine and the back.
  • The stretch provided to the neck in the final position is good for the health of Thyroid gland.
  • SuptaVajrasana stretches the chest and the lungs, allowing the maximum oxygen to enter into the system.
  • The flow of Pureblood from the heart to the head is facilitated in the final position which is good for the brain (intellect) and other sense organs.
  • Abdominal organs are massaged removing digestive ailments and constipation.
  • The asana redirects sexual energy to the brain which is good for spiritual gains.
  • Supta Vajrasana realigns the rounded shoulders.
  • It stretches thighs muscles.

Supta Vajrasana (Sleeping Thunderbolt Pose) Precautions

  • People suffering from neck problems, sciatica, slipped disc and knee problems should not practice this asana.
  • Also, the practitioner, in order to keep the knees touching the floor, should be careful and should not strain the muscles of the thighs in the final position.

Supta Vajrasana  (Sleeping Thunderbolt Pose) Sequence

Since Supta Vajrasana is a backward bend pose it should be best followed by a forward bending pose. Shashankasana is the best pose in this regard as it can be performed directly in Vajrasana itself without changing the base position. The other forward bending asanas, that can be practiced are Naman Pranamasana, Pawan Muktasana, or Paschimottanasana. The Supt Vajrasana should be done after either Halasana or Sarvangasana.

Important Practice Note For Supt Vajrasana

While returning from the final pose to the Vajrasana, one should not come out of the final pose by straightening the legs first, as the knee joint can be damaged or dislocated. For leaving the pose, use the elbows and the arms as has been described above.

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