Meditation – Part 8 – Om Mantra Meditation & Its Benefits


Om Mantra Meditation

Om is the symbol of Brahman. Om is the name of Brahman. And Brahman is the highest of all. By the chanting of Mantra Om, He becomes propitiated. From Om, this sense-world has been projected. Om is the sacred monosyllable. It is the essence of Vedas. When the sound ‘Om’ is heard, it denotes Satchidananda Brahman, i.e. existence absolute, knowledge absolute, and bliss absolute. It fills the devotee with spiritual strength, vigor, and energy.

Om Mantra Meaning

Om Mantra is made of three letters A-U-M. A represents the physical world; U represent the mental and the astral planes, the world of spirits; and M represents the deep sleep state, all that is unknown, beyond the reach of the intellect. Om, therefore, represents all. It is the basis of life, thought and intelligence. The whole world has come from Om, rests in Om and dissolves in Om. Om is the basis of all Mantras. Om is pronounced at the beginning of every Mantra.

Om Mantra is full of divine potency. It elevates the mind. Om Chanting or Pranava Sadhana or Om Meditation is a part of Mantra Yoga and its practice can lead to highest bliss. The sound that is produced by a flowing river, that is produced by the flywheel when it is set in motion, that is produced when it rains, or when there is a conflagration or thunder; it is all Om only.

Om Chanting is basically a part of ‘Naad Saadhana’ and is also called ‘Pranava Naad’. Pranav means prayer. All the Yoga Sessions begin with the Pranava Naad.  Shastras have prescribed that a Yoga Practitioner should pray by Chanting Om. The chanting of Om done at the beginning helps to achieve the stability of mind, which is necessary for further progress. The restlessness of the mind is arrested, concentration increases and the surrounding environment is filled with the positive energy and it becomes quiet and peaceful.

How To Chant Om Correctly

  • While chanting Om, the syllables A, U, and M, which constitutes Om, must form one continuity.
  • For chanting of Om, first inhale completely and then as you exhale – chant Om.
  • Nearly 60 % of exhalation should be the chanting of O (A-U) and the remaining 40% should be M.
  • While chanting of Om, the idea should be that the word ‘O’ is pronounced from navel to throat; and ‘M’ from throat to the eyebrow center.
  • When the chanting is complete, imagine that ‘Om’ is established at the eyebrow center.

Om Mantra Meditation

  • Get ready for the chanting of Om (A-U-M).
  •  Sit in any comfortable position, preferably Padmasana with the spine in the upright position.
  • Allow the right palm to rest on the left palm in front of navel in the lap.
  • Close your eyes and relax the whole body.
  • Your complete awareness should be maintained between three centers i.e. navel, throat and eyebrow center.
  • Inhale deeply and start chanting Om.
  • On completion of first Om, rest with your eyes closed and keep on feeling the vibrations of Om in the body.
  • Keep on chanting Om mentally while resting and keep on feeling the divine waves so generated.

Constantly feel-OM OM OM All-pervading,

An ocean of light I am-OM OM OM

An Infinity I am-OM OM OM

All-pervading, an Infinite light I am-OM OM OM

Omnipotent I am-OM OM OM

Omniscient I am-OM OM OM

All Bliss I am-OM OM OM

Sat-Chit-Ananda I am-OM OM OM

All Purity I am-OM OM OM

All Glory I am-OM OM OM

  • Again inhale deeply and start chanting Om.
  • Maintain the feelings as has been detailed above.
  • Repeat the chanting of the Pranava Mantra as per your comfort.
  • Between each repetition, maintain the awareness and feelings of suggestions as above.
  • To end the meditation, remain seated without moving any part of the body for some time. Concentrate at the eyebrow center. Try to visualize the symbol of Om there. Now become aware of your physical body, then breath and then the surroundings one by one.
  • Rub your palms against each other and then place the palms on your eyes. Bring the palms down on the knees and gently open your eyes.

Om Meditation Benefits

  • Om Meditation purifies the environment around the practitioner and creates positive Vibrations.
  • During the practice of Om meditation, Alpha waves start dominating the brain. These brain waves lead the practitioner to a stress-free stage by neutralizing Beta waves which otherwise keep the mind agitated.
  • Continuous practice of Om meditation further results in Theta waves dominating the brain. Theta waves give higher concentration to the practitioner.
  • Regular practice of Om meditation result in continuous movement of energy waves from lower energy centers to The Ajna Chakra, and the practitioner gets higher concentration called Dharna. And the continuous practice of Dharna ultimately leads the Sadhaka to Meditation.
  • The Om Mantra has cardiovascular benefits – by relaxing the mind and body, the blood pressure also gets maintained and the heart beats with a regular rhythm.
  • By the practice of Om, an individual is able to restrain his thoughts from straying. In this way, he is able to prevent the futile dissipation of the energies of the mind. And these energies are again available for use in a highly concentrated form. In such form, its potency may be likened to the rays of the Sun concentrated at a point through a magnifying glass burning a paper or cloth under it. The Sadhaka thus develop the ability to reach the highest level of spiritual development.
  • By the practice of Om meditation, abnormal blood pressure comes down to normal.
  • The practitioner develops a great mental strength enabling him to handle the toughest of situations or circumstances by the Om Mantra Jaap.
  • More a practitioner gets involved in the Pranava Sadhana (Om Meditation), deeper he dives into the levels of consciousness. He gets rid of the thoughts which are related to the sensual world and are of no use to him. His mind becomes one-pointed. This helps him to awaken the hidden energy centers of the brain and he is able to remove the veil of ignorance. He gets the knowledge which is deprived of a man lost in the sensual world.

What Best Precede And Follow Om Meditation

Before you start Om Meditation, the practice of Ujjayi Breathing will make Om Chanting smooth and melodious. Ujjayi Breathing will also help you develop a higher concentration needed for Om Meditation.

The Pranav Sadhana (Om Meditation) will develop a peaceful environment both within the individual and the surroundings. One feels blissful. Anxiety is relieved and the anger diminishes. Sadhaka develops a new consciousness.

Om Mantra Meditation described above is a part of regular practice at Yoga Niketan, Mumbai. The idea and technique of Om Saadhana have come to us from Shri Nikam Guruji of Ambika Yoga Kutir, Thane.

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