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Nauka Sanchalanasana – Rowing The Boat Pose


Nauka Sanchalanasana – Rowing The Boat Pose

Nauka Sanchalanasana or Rowing The Boat Pose is a seated flowing yoga pose which has an impact on each part of the body, preparing it further for more challenging and advanced poses. The name Nauka Sanchalanasana is derived from Sanskrit words “Nauka”, which means “Boat”, “Sanchalan”, which means “Rowing”, and “Asana” meaning “Pose”. While practicing the asana, the movement of the body gives the appearance of a person seated in a boat and rowing it, and hence it gets the name Nauka Sanchalanasana or Rowing The Boat Pose.

Nauka Sanchalanasana or Rowing The Boat Pose is a part of Shakti Bandh group of asanas which are concerned with improving the energy flow within the body and breaking down neuro-muscular knots. Nauka Sanchalanasana is very useful for those who have a reduced vitality and a stiff back. This yoga pose is highly recommended for postnatal recovery in females.

Nauka Sanchalanasana (Rowing The Boat Pose) Steps

  • To practice Nauka Sanchalanasana, spread a Yoga Mat and sit on it with both legs straight in front of your body.
  • Just imagine that you are sitting in a boat and rowing it.
  • Imagine and contemplate the actions of rowing the boat.
  • To get into this pose, clench the hands as if you are grasping the oars keeping the palms facing down.
  • Inhale and raise the hands above head leaning backward.
  • While breathing out, bend forward from the waist as far as is comfortable and straighten your arms.
  • Inhale deeply and lean back again to the possible extent, withdrawing the hands back to the shoulders.
  • This completes one round of Rowing the Boat Pose.
  • Practice 7 to 10 rounds of this pose.
  • Make sure that your hands make a complete circular movement in every round.
  • Also, ensure that your arms move up the sides of the legs and trunk, and the legs are kept straight throughout the practice.
  • After resting for a few seconds, reverse the direction of the rowing movement as though going in the opposite direction while practicing this yoga pose.
  • Practice 7 to 10 rounds in reverse movement also.

Nauka Sanchalanasana (Rowing The Boat Pose) Benefits

  • Nauka Sanchalanasana improves the energy flow within the body breaking down neuro-muscular knots.
  • It eliminates energy blockages in the spine and gives a good massage to vertebrae.
  • The practice of Nauka Sanchalansana makes the spine flexible and helps improve the posture.
  • Rowing the boat pose releases energy blockages from pelvis and abdomen areas.
  • Alternate inhalation and exhalation in Nauka Sanchalanasana, or developing a rhythm of the breath helps in balancing the mind, improving concentration, and getting mental clarity.
  • Rowing the boat pose is especially useful for gynaecological disorders in females.
  • Its practice is useful in postnatal recovery.
  • The practice of Nauka Sanchalanasana helps in alleviating stress and treating depression.
  • Its practice strengthens the core muscles of the body.
  • It also helps in increasing the strength and stamina of the body.
  • Rowing the Boat pose helps in getting rid of excess fats from the belly, pelvis, buttocks & thighs.
  • It also removes constipation.

Nauka Sanchalanasana Contraindications

  • Nauka Sanchalanasana should not be practiced by people who have spinal issues like Slip Disc etc.
  • It should also not performed by people who have had any recent abdominal or hip surgeries.
  • Nauka Sanchalanasana should not be practiced by pregnant women in their second and third trimester of pregnancy.
  • This Asana should not be practiced by people suffering from a hernia.

Nauka Sanchalanasana Precautions

  • You should not push yourself beyond the limits while practicing this yoga pose.
  • Get out of the pose immediately if you feel any pain in your legs or abdomen.

This asana is very good for the people who want to burn their excess fats. Other asanas that can be combined with this asana for removal of excess fats are –

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