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Yoga For Women

Whether you call it an awareness of yoga among women or their need, the number of women practicing yoga in different Yoga classes is more than that of men. Nature has given the woman’s body a greater purpose to fulfill. A woman has to become a mother, and for that reason, nature has designed a special system for her. The hormonal secretions in the female body are entirely different from that of a man.  These all factors demand a greater need for yoga for them, and just by practicing a few yoga asanas and pranayama every day, they will establish balance in their health. Yoga workout which allows how to lose weight and even the Yoga that helps to manage the endocrine glands functioning will further help them.

Yoga For Girls

The lifestyle today and the foods the children (here girls) eat, ranging from chemical—laden vegetables to meats full of growth hormones naturally affects their bodies. They attain puberty earlier than they should. The age to attain puberty can be put between 12 and 14. But it has been noticed that today’s girls are hitting puberty at 10 and 11. The following Yoga practices will help a girl child develop naturally and delay the puberty. Theses practices can be started by girls at the age of 8.

These yogic kriyas will further help develop higher concentration, intellect, confidence, and morale in them. It will also help them have a smooth transition in these ages of hormonal changes.

Yoga For Teenagers

The three most important Yoga series that all females should practice, once they cross the age of 14 or 15, are:

  1. Sarvangasana
  2. Naukasana
  3. Surya Namaskar

Importance Of Sarvangasana

  • Sarvangasana should be practiced by all unmarried girls, married women or mothers.
  • This asana stimulates the thyroid gland, which controls the physical appearance of a woman.
  • The thyroid gland must be healthy for a girl to develop properly.
  • When the thyroid gland is healthy, the general complexion is good, there are no pimples on the face, and the body is shaped proportionally.
  • Sarvangasana also has beneficial effects on the uterus. When a woman has a healthy uterus, her overall health is good. If her uterus is in poor condition, so is her health.
  • Sarvangasana is particularly useful for women who have given birth to two or more children. After childbirth the uterus becomes heavier in weight, the ligaments supporting it slacken and so the uterus drops a little bit.
  • Prolapse is a common complaint particularly when many women have to return to their work immediately after childbirth. Some women might have to lift heavy weights and perform strenuous physical work causing the uterus gradually becoming loose and finally, prolapse occurs. To prevent this problem, Sarvangasana should be practiced.

Importance Of Naukasana

Next important yoga asana among abdominal exercises for the healthy uterus is Naukasana, the boat pose. During Naukasana, an automatic inward pull is induced which sucks the uterus upwards and holds it in that position for some time. This makes the supporting ligaments of the uterus very strong.

Importance Of Surya Namaskar

It harmonizes the whole endocrinal system of glands and helps to remove any irregularities by directly massaging and increasing the blood flow to them. Surya Namaskar is good for them as it removes all the menstrual disorders.

Many women are not able to conceive. One important condition to conceive is that the uterus of the woman must be in the correct position and the cervix must be able to contract and dilate easily. A retroverted uterus is a common problem which is often responsible for the inability to conceive. Swami Satyananda Saraswati says that through the daily practice of Surya Namaskara, the uterus is brought into the correct position. (Also, the practice of Pawanmuktasana by one leg each and under the guidance of a Yoga expert will help in this case.)

The practice of all the above three asanas will give women an overall very good health. They will maintain a youthful look. They will be able to maintain a balance in circulatory, digestive, reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems. Emotional stress will be relieved and psychological disturbances will be cleared.

Housewife Yoga – Yoga For Ladies

A housewife is so much involved in her daily routine that she rarely gets the time to do physical exercise or Yoga stretches. She has a lot of responsibilities to accomplish including sending children to school, cooking food for family and so many other works.

Here we recommend such females to find time to do these Yogic kriyas :

  • Pawanmuktasana series 1 ( Sharer Sanchalan )
  • Pawanmuktasan series  2 ( Uttanpadasan, Pawanmuktasana, Cycling, Naukasana etc. )
  • Pranayam ( Kapal Bhati, Ujjayi, Bhramari, and Anulom-Vilom or the Nadi Shodhan Pranayama)
  • Shavasana

Shareer Sanchalana will help remove stiffness in the body. It rejuvenates the whole body and ensures an abundant supply of pranic energy throughout the body.

The practice of pranayama increase the concentration, cools and calms the mind, balances the mind and relieves the anxiety of nervous system.

Savasana helps calms the anxiety levels, relieve the stress levels and calms the senses. The internal organs adjust themselves to perform at their optimum levels.

Yoga for pregnant women

Pregnancy Yoga: During the pregnancy, a woman has to take care of two lives, one for herself and the other for the one to be born. So it is important for her to maintain a cool mind. The anger, disappointment or any negative thought will have a negative impact on the child she will give birth to. Pregnant women should do all the homework regularly. Amla (gooseberry) and milk should be a part of their regular diet. They should read good literature, engage themselves in Satsang, and chant the ‘Öm’ mantra. Doctors stress that the expectant mothers should avoid intoxicants completely.

For more on pregnancy yoga, read – Yoga Poses & Pranayama For Pregnancy – Prenatal Yoga Benefits

Other useful asanas for women 

  • Marjariasana tones the female reproductive organs, relieve them of menstrual cramps and leucorrhea.
  • Vyaghrasana also tones the female reproductive organs and is particularly beneficial for women after childbirth.
  • Lying on the back in the later stages of pregnancy may cause pressure over major veins and block the circulation. Matsya kridasana is one asana that can help here in relaxing, sleeping or even practicing Yog Nidra.
  • Nauka Sanchalanasana is useful for gynecological disorders and for post-natal recovery.
  • Chakki Chalanasana too is an excellent exercise for post-natal recovery. It also regulates the menstrual cycle and may be performed during the first three months of pregnancy.
  • Paschimottanasana tones and massages the uro-genital system and it should be practiced by young girls in particular.
  • Kandharasana tones the female reproductive organs and is useful for the women who have a tendency to miscarry. It is also good for managing menstrual disorders.
  • Dhanurasana also helps in managing menstrual disorders and remove the excess weight around the abdominal area.
  • Bhujangasana tones the ovaries and uterus and helps in relieving menstrual and other gynecological disorders.
  • Youthfulness and vitality are also increased by the practice of Matsyasana.
  • Shashankasana tones the pelvic muscles and is beneficial for reproductive organs.
  • Trikonasana strengthens the pelvic area and tones the reproductive organs. Its regular practice will help reduce waistline fat.
  • Tadasana stretches the rectus abdomini muscles and useful for the first six months of pregnancy to keep the abdominal muscles and nerves toned.

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